Special Equipment Giveaway – Heated Stir Plate

Hey everyone! Been a busy couple weeks at the Nude Nicotine laboratory, including a lot of process upscaling. You know what that means…. NEW TOYS!!! And since we are left with a few pieces of choice lab equipment, what else to do than pass along to a DIY eLiquid formulator in need 🙂

This heated stir-plate was our FIRST in the Nude Nicotine laboratory, at our first location, and has been one of the most reliable workhorses in the facility. We will admit – it has some scoring on the pyroceram top and it is missing one of the rubber feet in the back, but by golly gosh has this mofugga put out some solution – we can’t count the gallons of eLiquid this reliable VWR plate has processed!

For those who may not be familiar – heated stir plates are an EXCELLENT way to process/steep/mix eLiquids RAPIDLY. Combine ingredients in a glass beaker, insert a magnetic stir bar, and blend ingredients at a constant and defined temperature:


Tech specs – Manufacturer = VWR, 400C max, 8″x8″ square pyroceram top, 850W, 60-2000RPM

Here’s a pic of her!


Rules: Give us a little blurb on the DIY eLiquid mixing projects you would like to accomplish with this little stir plate! We want to make sure she goes to a DIYer in need, so let us know your plans for her! Posts will be accepted until the end of the President’s Day Holiday (11:59PM PST 2/16/15).

Wishing you all the best of luck, and pretty pretty pretty please, take good care of our baby!!!

Best regards, and happy President’s Day!!!


Owner, lead chemist – Nude Nicotine



Nude Nicotine Special Equipment Giveaway – Heated Stir Plate from electronic_cigarette

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