New Lot Due to Arrive ASAP

Hey everyone! Just a quick update from us @ the NN lab:

New lot of Nicotine (A085) that arrived late last week did not pass USP spec. We’re just as angry as you guys are. Ran this through GC/MS and tested a fairly high content of water. Hydration of nicotine can lead to an extremely rapid oxidation of the final eLiquids, and we would NEVER EVER NEVER EVEVR NEVER release a lot of nicotine subpar to our standards – defined by the US Pharmacopeia and ISO 17025 for our data analytics.

So we trashed this lot. Over 100 Liters of pure L-Nicotine was disposed of @ the local San Diego HAZMAT incineration center this last Friday. Sad beyond belief, but we move on! However during this process, the lab that produced this lot has forwarded a new sample that passed with FLYING colors. We can likely attribute the hydration of lot A085 to a lengthier time in dispense after distillation – had a conversation with the director of operations there and recommended a new filling method for us. A new lot was ordered from an alternate laboratory for the time being (before we can validate the filling method).

A direct cargo aircraft has been chartered for the shipment of Lot A086 to the lab OVERNIGHT and is due to arrive in less than 2 weeks time (latest date March 20th)! We hope you can bear with us during this downtime, and would not be a sour bunch if you needed to turn to one of our competitors for a small aliquot to hold you over for the time being. (We would order from an alternate, more local, source but would require validation of their chemistries – an EXTREMELY time-intensive process).

PG/VG, and ALL OTHER ITEMS remain unaffected @ the NN lab. Operations for contract manufacturing, office, R&D, flavoring production, etc… remain in full force! This may even give us the MUCH NEEDED energy to push out a few new products we’ve been itching to release for you all 🙂


Best regards,


Owner, lead chemist – NN

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