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We’re so excited to present ourselves in the public eye for our first trade-show this weekend – Vape Summit @ the Las Vegas Convention Center! We will be located in booth 2856, inside the ‘eLiquid Gallery’ section – AKA the giant clean-room 🙂 Come stop by our booth Thursday, Friday, or Saturday (30th, 1st, and 2nd) for some exciting information regarding our GC/MS testing never-before released to the public! It’s a long-time coming!

We will be presenting a large breadth of information on our 14-17 analyte profile, the most encompassing and in-depth GC/MS analysis available on the market for the testing and validation of eLiquid products and raw materials. Pricing, demoes, samples, and preliminary order forms will be available exclusively @ our booth, so please do be sure to visit! Let us explain the advantages, both monetarily and in respect to safety, to having your products tested @ a professional facility.

On the other end of our booth, we will also have a small wet-lab assembled and ready for interaction! eLiquids ready-to-vape will be mixed and prepared @ the show for vaping on the spot, as well as 2 nicotine test stations – bring by your other eLiquid and let us instruct you on how to test for nicotine strength in your own home! No chemistry experience necessary.

And of course, SAMPLES! For those who haven’t had a chance to sample our unflavored nicotine base products, we are formulating a good amount of unflavored 3mg/mL and 6mg/mL solutions to vape @ our booth. We encourage everyone to be in-tune with the taste and performance of their raw ingredients, as well as be educated about their formulation and optimal usage. Please do stop by for a chat, a vape, and a spot of nerdy-ness 🙂

And as a friendly reminder, we will be closing the lab for formulations from Wednesday the 29th – Sunday the 3rd. Although we will still be bottling and QCing solutions, we are sending our most highly trained of the manufacturing team to this event. Please excuse our delay in formulations for the latter part of this upcoming week!

Looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces in just a few days! We’re so nervous!!! Best,


Owner, lead chemist – NN

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