Black Friday Coupon Codes!

Nude Nicotine Black Friday Coupon Codes!

It is America’s finest hour(s) on Friday, and we are all about discounting some quality solutions on this special occasion 🙂


Happy happy Thanksgiving from the tireless staff at the Nude Nicotine laboratory! We are busy preparing ourselves for the holiday madness about to ensue, all while trying to leave ourselves some time for food-shoveling and laughter-sharing on Thursday. Hope you all are able to do the same with the friends and loved ones you have nearby 🙂

Starting on Thursday 11/27 @ 9:00PM PST (That’s right – we’re thinkin’ of the folks on the eastern seaboard too!) through 12:00AM midnight PST on Saturday 11/29, we would like to extend the following coupon codes to you all. We are really hoping you can use this opportunity to stock up on your DIY supplies or get a friend started on their DIY adventure this holiday season!

AmericasFinestHours1 – 20%-off Average Nudist + Nude-ApprovedBasic/Premium Starter Kits & Nicotine Test Kits

AmericasFinestHours2 – 15%-off Nude Nicotine 100% Natural PG-free [Concentrated Flavorings]

AmericasFinestHours3 – 15%-off PG + VG + PG/VG blends – 120mL – 1L aliquots

AmericasFinestHours4 – 40%-OFF ALL NUDE NICOTINE ELIQUIDS – sweet,savory, menthol, & tobacco blends all formulated with the identical concentrated flavorings you have come to know! (New eliquid glass bottles/droppers released into production this week! We are excited to have these approved for use in time for the holidays)

AmericasFinestHours5 – Spend $150 on the NN site and you will be eligible for a free High-Resolution Nicotine Test Kit! Make sure to add it to your cart and apply the coupon code for a 100% product discount on these awesome (and easily gift-able) test kits for nicotine base and finished eliquids. Coupon is limited to 1 per customer per household.

All orders will also receive a random 5mL eLiquid sample, and more importantly a Nude Nicotine STICKER!!!!!! And remember, we are happy to grant you guys free shipping with a minimum cart total of $100!

Pretty pretty please be kind to us as shipping times may be slightly longer than normal with our formulation and packaging lines running (hopefully) at *full capacity* (*insert robotic narrators voice)  😀   We have scheduled additional hours over the weekend/early next week, are prepared with as lots of starting material, and are ready to formulate/pack these orders in as timely of a fashion as we can possibly engineer.

There is SOOOO much more to share with you guys in the few weeks leading up to the new year! This is really going to be a tireless, yet joyful holiday season for us all 🙂

Warmest regards,
Jake and the entire NN lab staff

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