Happy Holidays Final Days Discounts!

We hope the Hanukkah fairy brought you 8 days of cheer, with stacks of laktes, and of course lots of beer.
Cooler weather settling in, thickening our VG, making clouds thin 🙁
But with Christmas just a week away, there’s excitement we hear! Last-minute gift-gathering for those most dear:
Lab Lovers, frisky formulators, chemists with chemistry, platonic pipetters and all the punny people on your list.
But (EXPLETIVE)!!! What’s that you heed? You forgot to gift your DIYer-in-need? Or a gift for your shelf? You’re a Mensch! Treat Yo’self!

Okay, now that we’re through with that pathetic Dr. Seuss-inspired holiday rhyme disaster, why don’t we get onto some details about our Final Days Discounts!:)

Active now, through Saturday, December19th, 2015 @ 11:59 PM PST), the coupon code:


will apply a 30% discount on allNICOTINE BASES AND FLAVOR CONCENTRATES! Applicable to all nicotine strengths (including 100mg/mL),ARMOR v1 + ARMOR v2, and all aliquot sizes 500mL or below. Remember, shipping is ALWAYS FREE on orders over $100 🙂

In addition, the coupon code:


will apply a 40% discount on ALL 3 VARIATIONS OF STARTER KITS! Average Nudist, Basic, andPremium kits are all 40%-off until 11:59PM PST Saturday night. Remember, shipping is ALWAYS FREE on orders over $100 – AKA Premium Kit or a Basic Kit and a few other goodies 🙂 Free shipping is always calculated on a pre-discount value!

Wishing you the safest, dearest, and most memorable of holidays this season. May your wicks be ever-saturated, your hits never dry, and your formulations plentiful.

CEO, lead chemist – Nude Nicotine
(858) 216-2044 x101

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