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Well aren’t we astounded, thank you all so much for the support and love this Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend! Never did we expect such a spike in volume on our web front, and we are extremely thankful <3

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As you can tell, we definitely have our work cut our for us 🙂 Please bear with us as we process this higher volume of individual formulations – please call in if you need a status update or send us an email! We are formulating on a 2-3 day time period, and I (Jake) have even put myself on the packaging line on late-nights to keep the pace up.

BUUUUUUUTTTTT now to the juicy CYBER MONDAY codes. We’ve got a few for you here so read carefully 🙂

We don’t hint to our eLiquids and concentrated flavorings too much during our Black Friday weekend sale, as is it definitely a lower volume production aspect of our laboratory, but here is a chance to give these guys a little spotlight. The Natural extracts we produce are extracted in VG and Ethyl alcohol from 100% NATURAL material – the strawberries are picked from a farm in Irvine, the chamomile is flown in from Egypt, the flue cured tobacco we get trucked from Durham, NC, you get the idea. We wanted a natural approach to vaping, with whole extracts encompassing startlingly accurate representations of their profiles. Not only are these unique extracts enticing in their ideaology, they are engineered from stage 1 to be formulated for use in electronic cigarette solutions. Our meticulous extraction process and attention to future aromatization while blending the final product assist the formulator in creating superior eLiquids. Extremely concentrated, and intended for use at between 0.5-7.5%

COUPON CODE #1: 30%-off all natural concentrated flavorings! IForgotAboutBlackFriday1

Our eLiquids utilize our recommended vaping percentage of concentrated flavoring, sweetener, acids, menthols, and other stock solutions (all available on the NN site) suspended in a TRUE 100% VG solution. No PG is contained in any portion of these eLiquids – not in the stock solutions, not in the nicotine base, not in the flavoring, nowhere – perfect for those sensitive to PG, or looking for formulations high in flavor also suitable for a high vapor production device. Each and every eLiquid can be paired with a flavor concentrate, assisting the formulator in tasting accurate end results and honing their technique to prepare their own unique eLiquids based upon a relevant flavoring.

Coupon Code #2: 40%-OFF all TRUE 100% VG eLiquids! IForgotAboutBlackFriday2

Lastly, we figured this would be a great time to discount some VG and PG as well! These are majority components in your eLiquid and can make-or-break a formulation – it is astounding how little thought some put into these ingredients. We specialize in the entire chain-of-custody of VG and PG, from manufacturing plant to bottling. We are a container direct importer with one of the shortest to-bottle dating on record in the eLiquid industry – rivaling that of pharmaceuticals – less than 1 month to bottle. Commonly most warehousing manufacturers store product upwards of 6months to a year before even breaking down a drum to aliquot into gallons for sale! Our VG and PG undergo the same rigorous GC/MS and USP37 battery of tests as our nicotine bases to pass our Quality Control (QC) before entering the laboratory for sale and use. These are quality ingredients. If you haven’t had the chance to use our VG and PG in your eLiquid formulations, give them a shot! We are discounting our VG and PG $8-off from $28–>$20 for VG and $32–>$25 for PG!

Coupon Code #3: $8 Discounted gallon aliquots of VG to $20 and PG to $28! IForgotAboutBlackFriday3

Lastly – GC/MS testing. Usually the barrier to entry for most is cost – ’tis the season to forget about the $$$! We’re here to help 🙂 A diketone trio (diacetyl, acetoin, acetyl propionyl) analysis and/or nicotine concentration analysis can be extremely useful to the aspiring formulator to the average vaper. Entry-level professionals and larger scale manufacturers need this data for compliance and disclosure reasons. Everyday vapers and DIYers need this information for the eLiquids the vape in larger quantities or to provide accurate feedback results on their favorite everyday formulations. Normally our diketone trio analysis runs $125, our mini profile (nicotine + diketones) runs $175, and a nicotine concentration analysis (along with any other single analyte) runs $50. Well let’s forget about that for a day.

Coupon Code #4: Discounted GC/MS testing – 50% OFF!!! Single Mini Profile Analyses for $87.50, single Diketone Trio (diacetyl, acetoin, acetyl propionyl) Analyses for $62.50, and single nicotine concentration analyses for $25! IForgotAboutBlackFriday4

All of these codes are active NOW through 11:59PM PST on Monday 11/30/15. Hope this satiates some formulators’ appetites and gets your creative spirits rolling 🙂 Wishing you the safest of cyber Mondays!

Best regards,


CEO, lead chemist – Nude Nicotine

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