FIFO Shipping System: “First In, First Out!”

FIFO – Freeze in, First out – is Nude Nicotine’s new on-demand shipping option! We have a select amount of SKU that are kept in-stock in our -20C freezer system for immediate retrieval and shipping. Instead of the traditional Nude Nicotine methodology for website orders of receive, manufacture, ship, we now have the option to ship without the need for manufacturing lead time!

Freeze in First out orders are selectively shipped first and foremost, with a maximum 48 hour wait time from order-placed to out-the-door. If your order is placed before 8am, it will be processed and shipped by the next day, guaranteed!

Nude Nicotine has a mantra of quality over quantity – and with the massive amount of custom formulations we are processing daily, it became self-evident that the custom formulations needed to be segregated from the popular and common SKUS we formulate daily. The loyal customers we service with custom formulations could not be forgotten, hence you will still see the wide seleciton of nicotine bases for purchase for many years to come. However, you will begin to notice the use of the snowflake symbol (❄) and the inclusion of “FIFO Ready” phrases throughout certain products on the site, and also linked to in the FIFO category of the product’s page on the NN website. As our ability to translate predictive order volumes of website SKUs into a freezer system that can allow for on-demand order shipping becomes more expansive, you will see more-and-more SKUs being added to the FIFO system!

To begin, we would like to introduce to the FIFO system our five most popular SKUS!:

1) 100mg/mL Nicotine Salt “HIT” 100% VG 120mL

2) 100mg/mL Nicotine Salt “SIGNATURE” 100% VG 120mL

3) 100mg/mL Nicotine Salt “SMOOTH” 100% VG 120mL

4) 100mg/mL Nicotine Base 100% VG 120mL

5) 100mg/mL Nicotine Base 100% VG 120mL

Each of these five SKUS are stocked in quantities of 400 units, and will be continually reevaluated for reformulation as often as needed to keept a stock that is in the freezer for no-longer than 14 days!

Please do inform us what bottle sizes, nicotine concentrations, variations of salts, etc, you would like to see us stock within the FIFO system for immediate shipment! If we receive enough requests for specific formulations, we will start stocking enough quantity for those requests to be honored as our freezer space grows outside of our hazmat-approved pure nicotine storage system!

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