Black Friday at Nude Nicotine

How could we ignore this time of year as very key for us as DIYers – December 31st is approaching and post-2016 the landscape of DIY eLiquid could stand to change drastically as we know it. While the regulatory regarding home blending purchases hasn’t been written in stone, formulators should be keen on staying in touch us for the latest updates and information coming directly from the FDA’s CTP (Center for Tobacco Products). In the meantime, what a better season to give the gift of DIY, or educate yourself about a new formula or technique unbeknownst to your arsenal.

Nude Nicotine would like to honor a 30% discount this Black Friday on some of our most key, popular, and revolutionary formulae (applicable to aliquot sizes 1 gallon and under).

  • 100mg/mL, 72mg/mL, and 3mg/mL Nicotine Bases
  • Nicotine Salts – Hit, Signature, and Smooth
  • Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin
  • 3 New Natural Sweeteners (Rebaudioside A, Monk Fruit Extract, and Erythritol)

Enter the coupon code:


for 30%-off of these key formulae from tonight, midnight 11/25/16Eastern Standard Time (EST), until Monday night, 11/28/16, at 11:59PMPacific Standard Time (PST).

Please stay tuned for updates throughout the weekend from the Chemist Corner Newsletter! We will have periodic flash sales on unique products as the weekend progresses.

Disclaimer: Limited quantities of solution are available, and slight delays due to high demand may occur. Please communicate with us directly and check back to the shipping page on our website for more information!

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