We are all Nudists! ‘Average Nudist’ Starter Kits just released

We are proud to announce the release of our newest starter kit, the ‘Average Nudist’ DIY starter kit. Most commonly we see potential DIYers turned away because of their preconception of eliquids requiring ‘exacting measurements.’ While this is entirely true from a good manufacturing point-of-view, for the home-DIYer, a nicotine concentration off by 1mg/mL or a PG/VG ratio off by 1% will most always go unnoticed to the average vaper.

We engineered this DIY starter kit with dilute 36mg/mL nicotine solution as to allow yourself for slight variations without consequence, as well as nice-and-easy round numbers for your convenience. We would never leave you on your own to formulate! Included is a calculations sheet for your use including detailed measurements for 0-24mg/mL nicotine strengths and varying PG/VG ratios. These measurements are easy to pour with, and can be aliquotted directly into the graduated 50mL conical vials we supply you with 🙂 We’ve put together ALL the supplies the beginning DIY formulator would need to start from square one. From diluted, safe-to-handle nicotine base, PG, VG, & flavorings to measuring equipment, bottles, and safety equipment, the ‘Average Nudist’ starter kit puts every tool in your hands to get started, all for the cost of x2 15mL bottles of eLiquid! With this kit, you can make 500mL!



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