Throat Hit vs Smooth Vapor: What are the Factors?

Throat Hit vs Smooth Vapor: What are the Factors?:

We regularly receive comments about the various factors that contribute to a stronger throat hit and/or a smoother vapor in Nude Nicote eliquid (and all eliquids in general). Hopefully these guidelines will help you in selecting the correct solvent ratio for your purpose:

Vegetable glycerin (VG) – VG is a very thick viscous liquid that improves vapor production in eliquid. A larger percentage of VG in eliquid also contributes to a smoother vapor with less ‘throat-hit.’
Propylene glycol (PG) – PG is also a thick liquid like VG but much less viscous in comparison. PG has a greater solvent efficiency than VG, meaning flavors will taste more robust. Along with increasing flavor content, PG also adds to the throat hit of eliquid as well by acting as a desiccant – leeching water out of the throat – simulating the throat hit.
Nicotine – A higher content of nicotine can also add to the throat hit of an eliquid. Increasing both the nicotine content and PG content of an eliquid can lead to a stronger ‘throat-hit.’
We formulate two major types of eliquid for Nude Nicotine: 70% PG/30%VG and 70% VG/30%PG, with a stronger throat hit and a smoother vapor, respectively. However, for those requiring an alternate solvent ratio (for example – 100% PG or 100% VG), please contact us. We don’t hesitate to meet your requirement as everyone’s vaping preferences vary. And we embrace this fact!

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