Pumpkin Velvet is Here to Stay!

If you haven’t already heard, we have just (re) released our pumpkin eLiquid and flavor concentrate in time for halloween/thanksgiving/holiday season. Some of you may remember our past pumpkin blend, and based on past comments, it needed some reworking. After a good year of R&D, say hello to Pumpkin Velvet:

Pumpkin Velvet eLiquid

[Pumpkin Velvet] Flavor Concentrate

This flavor manufacturing SOP has by far the LONGEST reflux time of any we offer. Time and care goes into Pumpkin Velvet! If you guys are mixing on your own, please pair with a high VG ratio to complement the pumpkin essence 🙂

On a happy note, this blend is here to stay! Overwhelming support for this flavor has flooded our lab with a few manufacturers picking it up as an ingredient in their formulations. Needless to say that means Pumpkin Velvet is here to stay for longer than just the 2014 holiday season. Cheers!

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