New Flavor Concentrates from Euro Flavor!

In an effort to bring our DIY customers some variation in their choices for flavor concentrates from our website, you will start to see us onboard a few select brands and flavors over the coming months… and right now! Without further ado, let us introduce you to Euro Flavor!!!!

Based out of Houston Texas, Raymond Shin and his wife Kate, in combination with a great team, run a quality flavor house that manufacturers concentrates solely for the eLiquid market, just like us! Their flavor profiles are true-to-name, have great value, are insanely easy to use, but most importantly, are VERY concentrated. We have worked intimately with Raymond and his team to select 20 of his most popular flavors to release into inventory, IMMEDIATELY! 15mL and 60mL sizes will be stocked initially, and larger sizes are to-come very quickly. Please suggest to us what sizes you would like to see stocked, and if there is a Euro Flavor you enjoy that we don’t currently stock, please be sure to suggest it to us right away 🙂

Visit the Nude Nicotine “Concentrated Flavorings” section of the website to have access to each individual Euro Flavor’s page! You can also easily search the website for Euro Flavor and results will pop up neatly.

2017 Cyber Week Sale!

For the rest of this Cyber Week all FIFO (Freeze-In, First-Out) products are on sale! That means Euro Flavor Concentrates too!!!

All Euro Flavor concentrates will be discounted 15%-off their retail price from now through to the Christmas holiday, NO COUPON CODE NEEDED! But most importantly list of flavors from them stocked in the Nude Nicotine Freezers as FIFO SKUs!!! They will ship within 48 hours from purchase if combined in an order containing only other FIFO products:

American Blend Gold
Pipe Tobacco

Blue Raspberry
Yellow Mango
Sour Apple
Sweet Watermelon
Red Apple
Red Grapefruit
Honeydew Melon
Yellow Guava

Milk Chocolate
Creamy Coconut
White Chocolate

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