Legal Importation of Nude Nicotine to Canadian Provinces

Nude Nicotine is proud to be able to be legally importing its Nicotine Bases and Nicotine Salts into Canada under the Tobacco & Vaping Products Act (TVPA)! This legislation now allows for the import of goods containing nicotine as a sole ingredient from outside Canada to within, using standard transport methods, for both retailers and wholesalers!

1. DIYers: Consumers and DIYers are allowed to import “reasonable amounts for 90 day supply within a 90 day period [of] personal shipments of vaping products containing less than 66 mg/ml nicotine.” Consumers may import Nude Nicotine eLiquids and Nicotine bases less than 66mg/mL for personal use – we estimate this amount to be around a gallon of 60mg/mL nicotine base or salt.

2. Commercial Manufacturers: “Commercial shipments of vaping products with no health claims and no health product ingredients… contain[ing] nicotine as a sole ingredient… may now be imported into Canada under the TPVA.” Manufacturers of eLiquid may import concentrations of nicotine higher than 66mg/mL for the purpose of dilution to below 66mg/mL in their eLiquid products for commercial sale. This import is restricted to businesses with a Canadian Tax-ID number.

This has been a long-time-coming for some of our closest friends, both DIYers and commercial manufacturers north-of-the-border. We are fully committed to ensuring the safe and proper transit of our nicotine bases and salts to you in Canada with the utmost transparency. The Customs Notice 18-05 tied to the newly released TVPA regulations is new information for everyone! This means that there are bound to be a few questions regarding the subject. Please stay-tuned for an informational Q&A linked to this topic on the “Updates” section of the Nude Nicotine website.

You can read more on the TVPA and Bill S-5 on the Health Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency websites.

In spirit of this groundbreaking regulatory modification, please let us release a coupon code for our Canadian customers!!! We are dedicated to serving you! (Check our Chemist Corner Newsletter to learn more)

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