Update 6/2/14: HIGH-RESOLUTION Nicotine Test Kits Released:

We at Nude Nicotine have developed this tried-and-true titration for the determination of nicotine content in eLiquids. Included are instructions for use that even the newest of vapers and DIY enthusiasts can perform. Included is everything you will need for the determination of nicotine concentration, from the most dilute eLiquid solutions to 100mg/mL concentrated nicotine base. Exacting and dilute sulfuric acid reagent is safe to handle and diluted to an exacting concentration for HIGH-RESOLUTION data:



Update 5/31/14:

We are proud to announce the release of our newest starter kit, the ‘Average Nudist’ DIY starter kit. Most commonly we see potential DIYers turned away because of their preconception of eliquids requiring ‘exacting measurements.’ While this is entirely true from a good manufacturing point-of-view, for the home-DIYer, a nicotine concentration off by 1mg/mL or a PG/VG ratio off by 1% will most always go unnoticed to the average vaper.

We engineered this DIY starter kit with dilute 36mg/mL nicotine solution as to allow yourself for slight variations without consequence, as well as nice-and-easy round numbers for your convenience. We would never leave you on your own to formulate! Included is a calculations sheet for your use including detailed measurements for 0-24mg/mL nicotine strengths and varying PG/VG ratios. These measurements are easy to pour with, and can be aliquotted directly into the graduated 50mL conical vials we supply you with 🙂 We’ve put together ALL the supplies the beginning DIY formulator would need to start from square one. From diluted, safe-to-handle nicotine base, PG, VG, u0026amp; flavorings to measuring equipment, bottles, and safety equipment, the ‘Average Nudist’ starter kit puts every tool in your hands to get started, all for the cost of x2 15mL bottles of eLiquid! With this kit, you can make 500mL!



Update 5/5/14:

Some new goodies were uploaded to the Nude Nicotine site this evening! 1000mL (1 Liter) sizes for all of our nicotine base products were added, as well as a special free-shipping discount for all orders over $100. You heard correct, free shipping! This one is here to stay, and should be automatically applied to your cart upon checkout 🙂 Thank you for your continued support everyone! Hopefully this brings a little larger quantity of nicotine base into arms-reach for your next order.

Update 4/27/14:

PLEASE TAKE ACTION!!! CA Assembly Bill AB-1500 will effectively shut down our online sales, disallowing the export of nicotine products from our laboratory to anywhere in the US without exorbitant costs. Restrictions would place an extremely high fee on shipping requiring age-verification upon delivery, and to our minds, that is a service that USPS Priority Mail does not offer.  If you have free time on Wednesday morning, PLEASE come join us in Sacramento. We will be closing down the laboratory and making the trek from San Diego to voice our opinions on AB-1500, as well as the Senate Bill SB-648. We will gladly try and see who is driving northwards to find transportation for those in need, and do our best to make a appearance with information to state our opinion. 


Currently is it possible to buy cigarette-cut tobacco from online retailers delivered to California address. This logic behind this bill appalls us to think that electronic cigarettes must be regulated more heavily than standard tobacco products. Thank you for your logic CA Assembly/Senate. We appreciate your well-thought-out arguments… 

AB-1500 Full Text: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201320140AB1500

SB-648 Full Text: https://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/13-14/bill/sen/sb_0601-0650/sb_648_bill_20130805_amended_asm_v96.pdf

Update 4/26/14:

In lieu of this past week’s recent semi-disrupting news from the FDA, we want everyone to know that we a Nude Nicotine have prepared for this moment! The pharmaceutical style production environment and documentation we live by wont need much editing before submitting for applications from the FDA, but we are beginning to bring in outside auditing agencies to evaluate our market potential.

Everyone here comprises a core of extremely valuable vaping activists who ACTUALLY VOICE THEMSELVES, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of this fact. We’d like to extend a coupon code to you all in the hopes that you can give a few DIY supplies to a friend/family member looking to start their DIY adventure. Only in numbers can we bring to light how important this DIY community is

Use the coupon code DIYtillIdie15 for 15%-off the ENTIRE Nude Nicotine website, from now until Friday of next week (5/2)!

For now we all must continue to vape strong and support the DIY community by fighting for unflavored DIY nicotine solutions to remain available on the open market. Write to your congressman, comment on this post (Regulations.gov), and PLEASE voice your opinion that eLiquid DIY supplies, just like hand-rolling tobacco and other DIY tobacco items, must remain available to the public.


Update 4/9/14:

FYI everyone, Our next lot of nicotine has arrived! Just passed it through analytics and released it into inventory on the website! As a thank you for your patience, use the coupon code BestServedNude for 10%-off of your next unflavored nicotine base purchase. Let’s keep this one going until the 15th of this month.

On another (and equally as important) note, Nude Nicotine’s heart is well-intact  Our host has confirmed SSL security, so shop with confidence!

Update 4/6/14:

Apologies for our low stock on our Nicotine Base products everyone! We are due to receive our next shipment on the 10th of April (Thursday this week), and should be able to pass it through analytics and into inventory immediately. Our air carrier who handles our Hazmat shipments, Lufthansa, unfortunately has been on strike for the past week, something which we definitely did not anticipate! More info can be found here: 


However, if looks as if they are to resume normal operations TODAY (Sunday the 6th), and the arrival date of the 10th looks to be holding true! Of course, we will update everyone as soon as we have material in our hands, at which point inventory should be pushed through in less than 24 hours 🙂 Thank you everyone for bearing with us during this slight delay! 

Update 3/13/14:

Everything is back up and running at the Nude Nicotine laboratory! Thanks everyone for allowing us the time to expand! Don’t forget our unflavored nicotine base coupon ‘ChemistryIsKey10‘ is still active for 2 more days. Good for 10 percent off of any of our concentrated and diluted nicotine products 🙂


Update 3/8/14:

Nude Nicotine is gettin’ goodies! We just purchased a gaggle of new and amazing lab equipment, however we need to take due time to validate them and place within the production environment. As a result, we will be closing our web store from Monday-Wednesday this week, and will resume normal production/taking orders at Midnight on Thursday the 13th. We will still be in the lab so give us a ring if you have any questions! And of course, our wholesale clients will continually be serviced throughout the week 🙂 Cheers to bigger and better things to come!

And remember, our coupon code for 10%-off of all unflavored nicotine bases will still be in effect before and after “ChemistryIsKey10” Now – March 15th 🙂


Update 2/27/14:

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the speed of our new web host! If you haven’t noticed, we have changed hosts to a dedicated service built specifically for the platform of our site design and eCommerce.  We aim to provide you with a lightning-fast browsing experience, and in a few weeks, an entirely new look for the Nude Nicotine website! Please let us know if you notice any hiccups with the site, as we are working tireless to clean our PHP and HTML before we release the new website design. Happy DIY’ing everyone! Best regards from the entire Nude Nicotine staff 🙂


Update 1/29/14:

And the glass bottles have finally arrived for our eLiquids! To accommodate our new borosilicate glass vials for our eliquids and concentrated flavorings, we have slightly altered the sizing of our eliquids – from 5, 10, 30, and 50mL to 5, 15, 30, and 50mL. These vials are excellent slender and straight clear glass, which makes carrying even a 30mL size in your pocket no larger than a standard sized mod! Glass droppers are due to arrive mid-February, as we had to have these custom made; wanted to be sure the tips reached 1mm from the bottom of these vials, as well as a special surprise in store for the 5mL size 🙂 Until the droppers arrive, we will be using the same polycone caps as our concentrated flavorings use, but of course include a transfer pipette for your convenience.

In celebration of the release of our entire line in borosilicate glass bottles, we would like to extend a 15%-off coupon code on any of our sweet, savory, or tobacco/menthol eLiquids in all aliquot sizes! (applicable to all finished eliquids, excluding flavor concentrates and unflavored nicotine base) Use the coupon code “builtborosilicatetough15” at the checkout page until February 15th, 2014. As always get in touch if you have any issues 🙂 At Nude Nicotine, we’re built borosilicate tough! 

Update 1/15/14:

Great news to all our fellow DIY’ers – We have just added our own stock solutions of etlhyl maltol, sucralose, citric acid, malic acid, u0026amp; tartaric acid to the webpage. Great for DIY’ers tired of solvating their own crystals looking for a quality stock solution. And on another note, our glass vials have finally arrived! All of our concentrated flavors will now ship in clear glass vials with polycone caps, a welcome change from the conicals 🙂 Due to customer interest, we have also uploaded 30mL (1oz) sizes to our concentrated flavors as well. Happy DIYing everyone! Let’s ring in the new year with some liquid you formulated with your own two hands 🙂

Update 12/23/13:

Nude Nicotine is in the process of redesigning our website during the Christmas Holiday! Look for a blog-style forum, cleaner product listings, and a much more interactive experience 🙂 If for some reason you are having issues with your shopping cart or any other items on the website, please don’t hesitate to email us at admin@nudenicotine.com or ring us in the lab – (352) 535-0031. We want to make sure we are staying on top of these issues and correct them immediately wherever they arise. Thank you everyone for your help and support as we sprout into 2014! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all 🙂

Update 12/5/13:

Thank you everyone for your unimaginable amount of traffic and business this past weekend! We greatly appreciate all of your orders and are looking forward to communicating with each-and-every-one of you on your likes, dislikes, favorite recipes, and improving on basic lab techniques. At the moment we are 3/4 of-the-way through the 300+ orders we received this weekend. We even had to hire some contract help to individually fill and package all of these for you 🙂 Please excuse the slight delay, and be sure to be in touch with us if you have not received a tracking number from our Stamps.com USPS account. We are working tirelessly day-and-night to send these your way, and will not rest until each one is packaged SAFELY and on its way.

In other news, additional nicotine stock has been ordered and is due to be ready for analytical testing within the next few days. Flavor chemistries are finishing their distillations or formulations one-by-one, but the entire line should be restocked and back online by this weekend 🙂

Hope you all are having a great week! Look for a few new products and the next coupon code this coming week. Happy holidays from the sleepless lab-rats at Nude Nicotine!


Update 11/26/13: Black Friday and Black Monday Coupon Codes! 


It’s that time of year again, and Nude Nicotine is the new black for Black Friday and Black Monday! From 12:00 AM on Black Friday, November 29th through 11:59 PM on Black Monday December 2nd, we will have two coupon codes active for everyone to take advantage of:

1) NUDEISTHENEWBLACK1 – Use this coupon code for 50%-OFF of any Nude Nicotine sweet/savory/tobacco eliquids, concentrated flavorings, 6-36mg/mL nicotine bases, and/or DIY labware 🙂

2) NUDEISTHENEWBLACK2 – Use this coupon code for FREE SHIPPING on any order $75 or more!

And of course you are welcome to combine the coupon codes! Each order will also ship with a holiday eliquid sample 🙂 Thank you everyone for your amazing support throughout the past few months. Nude Nicotine would like to extend this discount to the public with our gratitude for your encouragement, publicity, and support towards the brand. We wouldn’t be here today without your activism! 

Best regards from the nerdiest vapers in the universe, 

 The Nude Nicotine Laboratory staff

Update 9/30/13:

Thank you everyone for being patient for our release of our concentrated flavors and DIY labware/supplies. 2 NEW SECTIONS are posted in our products to link you to the CONCENTRATED FLAVORS and a wide selection of DIY LABORATORY-BASED EQUIPMENT for your eliquid formulations. 

To allow everyone an easier entry into our concentrated flavors, we are offering a 15% discount coupon on all of our concentrated flavors. Use the coupon code ‘diypride15‘ for 15%-off any aliquot of our concentrated flavors. Of course we will continue with our free shipping discount as well for our 100mg/mL nicotine base products! ‘nn100mgfreeship‘ 🙂

Enjoy everyone!

Update 9/17/13: 


 Due to recent high demand and a change in our main supply chain, we have made some alterations to the shipping and storage process of our concentrated nicotine bases. For our future orders, we have branched out to other auxiliary suppliers to keep fill our newly-expanded freezer system full at all times. We strive to be as transparent in our process as we can with our customer base, so please ask away if there are any questions you may have. Our mission statement is to have a FRESH, CHEMICALLY VALIDATED, and SUPERIOR 100mg/mL product available for you at all times. Let us know how we can make that statement a reality for you 🙂


Update 9/9/13: 


In observance of the Jewish day of atonement  Yom Kippur, we will be closed the latter part of Thursday and Friday, September 12th-13th, 2013. All orders placed will be shipped out Monday, September 16th. We thank you for your consideration and bearing with our crazy schedules during the Jewish High Holidays 🙂 


Update 9/4/13: 

In observance of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, we will be closed tomorrow, September 5th, 2013. All orders placed will be shipped out Friday, September 6th. We thank you for your consideration. L’Shanah Tovah!


Update 9/3/13: Coupon Code ‘nnsept10’

(Sorry everyone, we promise we will use our website to update everyone as often as we do our Facebook and ECF pages as well)

Coupon code time! Our September coupon code will give you all 10% off of any flavored eliquid in any size. Use the code ‘nnsept10’ in the checkout window! I’ll be sure to post this on the Nude Nicotine Facebook and website as well.

We do focus a large amount of our business on our concentrated nicotine bases, but really put equal effort, if not more extensive Ru0026amp;D, into our flavor chemistries. We are really hoping to allow a wider selection of customers to try our flavored eliquids as well!

Speaking of which, our next contest will involve all 25 of our eliquids, a flavor-a-day, for the entire month of September! Look for details posted here when the contest will begin.

Update 5/21/13:

This afternoon we finished formulating all our tobacco flavors and they have been taken off back-order. We are VERY excited to reveal these to the public. A LARGE amount of work went into getting the tobacco absolute flavor to be spot on, and we worked very hard to hone the flavor down as close to an analogue as we could. 

As a promotion for our tobacco flavors, use the code “nothinglikenude25” for 25%-off our tobacco flavors in any size and nicotine strength.


Update: 4/29/13:

All flavors have been received and formulated. We are back online and ready to receive orders! This is a very exciting time for Nude Nicotine! To show our gratitude to all our customers, we would like to extend a 10% discount on all non-wholesale orders for the Month of May. Enter the code “thankyou10” at the checkout screen to receive the discount.

Thank you everyone for your continued support! Best regards,

The Nude Nicotine Biochemistry Staff

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