GCMS Testing

Nude Nicotine is now proud to offer our eLiquid Analysis services to the public! Gas Chromatography tandem Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) on both raw materials and finished product has been our specialty since opening our doors in 2012. Our breadth of industry expertise and curricular qualifications has allowed us to aggregate key analytes (individual molecules of interest), limits of detection, and the ISO 17025 qualifications (application pending), to bring this testing data into the sphere of FDA regulation in the coming months. Nude Nicotine is excited to be your partner in eLiquid testing moving forward!

To learn a little more about the chromatography process, please have a look at our GC/MS Concept and Process Overview.

Our protocols adapted for finished eLiquid Analysis are listed below with a few preselected “packages” to ease the process on those unfamiliar with the background of different analytes! A minimum “Mini Profile” should satisfy most requirements for Liquid Analysis, while the “Full Profile,” inclusive of all 23 analytes we test for (a sampling built from US Pharmacopoeia – USP38 – requirements) represents the highest standard of quality the industry has to offer as of this date. eLiquids that meet or exceed the “Full Profile” analysis requirements receive the Nude Nicotine “GC/MS-Verified” stamp-of-approval.

Click here to have a look at our scorecard for the “Full Profile” – a great overview on the analytes we offer!

Please feel free to contact us at your leisure to explain the GC/MS testing protocols! We’re happy to explain the process in detail, the benefits for your advertising and insurance rate decreases, and so much more 🙂

Volume discounts for multiple sample analyses are ALWAYS available! Let us create a custom pricing package for your formulations’ requirements. 

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