eLiquid Chemistry Education

Our goal at Nude Nicotine is to make your vaping experience as enjoyable as possible. We’ve done our best to gather some helpful information for your vaping needs, but please tell us if we can provide you with additional information. We plan on regularly updating this page, so check back often for updates!



Anatomy of a Nude Nicotine Package


DIY eLiquid Calculations – a ‘How-To’ Guide


Laboratory Tips on the Measurement, Steeping, and Storage of eLiquids


Throat Hit vs Smooth Vapor: What are the Factors?


What Ingredients Characterize an eLiquid?

Additional eLiquid Ingredients – Sweeteners, Sours, and Salts

As always, if you feel an additional section should be added, or if you would like some clarification on any information posted here, please contact us!

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