CA SB140 Call-to-Action

Yet again, CA SB 140 presents additional vaping restrictions on public and industry stakeholders. Next scheduled hearing date is July 8th. Please join us in action!

Senator Leno is proving to be quite the obstacle being receptive to his vaping public, but this second hearing on the 8th of July should hopefully prove successful in staving off imminent over-regulation of eLiquid purchase and handling in CA. This bill was staved for an additional hearing back in April, but is back up for review once more.

Please assist us is emailing senator Mark Leno’s office in Sacramento, our local representatives down here in San Diego, and a few others across the state in disapproval of the terms of this bill! (Located @ the bottom of the page):

We’re happy to get on the phone with you and draft an email or prep for a call to their office 😀 Give us a call in the lab ANYTIME day or night – (858) 216-2044. Unfortunately we wont be able to make the 6hr trek northwards that day, but are hoping to be of assistance to anyone that is with scientific data from our GC/MS to present.

One of the biggest obstacles noted in this bill, for us notably, is defining vapor products as tobacco products. This would immediately impose drastic consequenses to the shipping cost of products to-and-from the state of CA, with necessary fees such as signature delivery and adult signature confirmation, which can add upwards of $10 to each transaction. For a good amount of our eLiquid customer and smaller DIY clientele, this presents a huge cost issue. And while we realize to an outsider this may seem like an appropriate solution (without the price scale in mind), more importantly it presents a gang of issues:

-Vapers who do not have access to a regular vape shop will be forced to drive (sometimes miles) to their local post office on the day of delivery.

-Relatives or occupants of your home over age 18 would not be able to sign for your packages. Only the listed name is allowed

-Not noted is the exorbitant fee structure we would likely be paying for tobacco licensure and nicotine sale per unit volume. CA is not keen on leniency here. Any product containing nicotine from all CA vendors would rise to an unpalatable price. Industry stakeholders like ourselves would be drastically affected.

Especially irking is the inability to sample and enjoy eLiquids at your local vape shop. We are even a proponent of having you stop by our laboratory to sample some of our eLiquids as well! However not only would this practice be outlawed as zoned by smoking law, vaping at a home rental unit could potentially be labeled as terms for ending a lease agreement. Not that this is within the right of any homeowner to do as they please, but this does seem a bit overbearing.

Please do let us know if we can assist you in drafting a response to one of our  “lovely” elected officials @ the link listed above on SFATA’s website 🙂

Vape strong friends<3
CEO, Lead Chemist – Nude Nicotine
Direct – (858) 216-2044 x101

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