Why Nude?

Founded in April of 2012, we at Nude Nicotine are an electronic eLiquid manufacturer and contract laboratory that prides itself in the purity and validated contents of its chemistries. Unlike any nicotine liquid manufacturer on the market, we publish chemical data for each individual lot of nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerin (VG) for the public eye. View our sample certificate of analysis here. Each lot is analyzed by GC/MS (gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometry – a laboratory technique utilizing a piece of equipment to analyze an unknown for chemical content) to ensure only the desired chemical ingredients are present, no unwanted contaminants or degradation products. No oxides, no beta-carbolines, no nitrosamines, never.  (This piece of equipment is currently being validated for wider use in the testing of final eLiquid solutions as well – ISO 17025 application pending).


Our laboratory is constructed with an ISO 100,000 tested and approved clean-room environment, with production laminar flow hoods meeting ISO 10,000 requirements. 24/7 monitoring of the production environment allows us to produce sterile, contaminant-free, laboratory-grade product. Duplicates of all production equipment remain on-hand for an environment that can withstand heavy throughput and remain operational during necessary validation and housekeeping. Each of our merited laboratory technicians has been rigorously trained to adhere to the Nude Nicotine SOPs (standard operating procedures) and QC (quality control) measures to ensure the utmost quality. The analytical chemistry, laboratory production, Ru0026amp;D, and shipping/logistics departments are comprised of biotech industry powerhouse individuals, science-related masters students, PhDs, and Bachelors’ of Science alike. Quality chemistry is what we live by, and there is no compromise in our facility!


Nude Nicotine also prides itself in being a licensed handler of pure nicotine substrate mandated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security! Our GC/MS-validated nicotine base that is readily available to the public also is blended immediately by our chemists into our eLiquids upon receipt. Freshness, in this sense, cannot be improved upon. Our PG and VG are directly imported into our laboratory and GC/MS tested from the manufacturer, no middlemen, thus allowing for an incomparably fresh and unoxidized eLiquid or nicotine base.


We even work closely with industry-leading local flavor chemists to produce the most unique and delectable flavorings available on the market. Theseflavorconcentrates are produced in-house by our staff, and are our own unique formulations! Not only are our fruits, spices, and herbs hand-selected for purity and solubility, we pride ourselves in the careful formulation of only the best tobacco, fruit, and menthol extracts from onlynaturaland raw materials. Each one is specifically formulated for use in an electronic cigarette use by design, giving our flavoring concentrates a massive leap in quality over others. Enough talk, lets us show you how proper flavor chemistry can influence your vaping experience!

The hard work pays off. Unlike other eLiquids that leave unwanted residue, appear murky, or contain unpublished ingredients, Nude Nicotine eLiquid appears pure every time, tastes true to its flavor, and comes with none of the uncertainties of a non-validated product, guaranteed. Let us at Nude Nicotine show us how an eLiquid SHOULD be manufactured – by trained chemists, using only USP-validated ingredients, and with the utmost attention to QC and detail. Quality chemistry cannot be feigned.

Best regards from the entire Nude Nicotine Staff! Vape strong and stay educated!

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